Galactic Civilizations III v2.0 Update is Now Available

Article posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017

v2.0 adds new Starbase Administrators, Improves Diplomacy,
updates Ship Builder UI, and More

Starbase Administrators are a new addition to Galactic Civilizations III with v2.0 and will take some of the pressure of feeling like you need to mass-produce Starbases off your shoulders. You'll start with a number of Administrators based on the size of the map, and each Starbase will consume one. Researching certain government-related techs will allow you to hire more Administrators. This new resource gives some advantages to smaller empires who can now choose to use Starbases to improve morale and productivity in their home systems.

Diplomacy has received some major work in this update, too! The AI now takes several things into account when determining trades, including how much they like (or don't like!) you and what their relations are like with your allies and enemies. AI players who don't like you will charge more in diplomacy and will evaluate proposals using a redlining system (learn more about that here). You'll also get detailed information on why a specific trade was accepted or rejected, which will allow you to strategically adjust for future offers.

The Ship Builder's UI now makes it easier for you to find your favorite creations. By default, the auto-generated military ships will have their categories folded for easier UI navigation. Every ship you create will be added to your "favorites" list. Also, the currency, morale, population, and turn information will appear in the shipyard window now. 

v2.0 also brings some additional updates and fixes. For more details, check out the
full changelog at the bottom of the post.

Galactic Civilizations III is available through Stardock or on Steam. 

v2.0 Changelog:


  • Starbases now require one "Administrator" to build
  • Number of starting Administrators depends on galaxy size
  • Research certain Government Technologies to  increase the number of Administrators
  • Current number of available Administrators can be seen on the resource bar or the starbase list tab.


  • General pass on conversation weights such that the AI will talk more and offer more interesting trades.
  • AI players who dislike you will charge you more in diplomacy
  • Changed diplomacy attitude label from "allied" to "loves (they're not allied)
  • Changed diplomacy attitude from label "war" to "hates" (they're not at war)
  • AI should be better at focusing on a given weapon or defense tech rather than trying to research multiple paths.
  • AIs will heavily weight their relations with other players based on who is at war with whom and why
  • AIs will tend to come to the aid of their friends even if the enemy is more powerful
  • AI now has the capability of explaining in detail why they rejected (or accepted) a trade offer (though will require translation of new strings)
  • AI will use a redlining system of evaluating proposals such that each sub-AI routine will add marks to the proposal with potential veto power. 
  • AI now has the capability of explaining in detail why they rejected (or accepted) a trade offer.
  • By default, the auto-generated military ships will have their categories folded for easier UI navigation.


  • Home planet production points base increased from 1 to 10
  • Significantly reduced starbase spacing radius to 2 tiles, allowing you cluster them closer together.
  • AI is substantially better at evaluating what ship to build, when and where
  • Early game improvements made less expensive
  • Late game improvement benefits reduced slightly 
  • Research improvements have been rebalanced.

UI Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • By default, the auto-generated military ships will have their categories folded for easier UI navigation.
  • When a player designs a ship, it will, by default, be added to the favorites
  • Added the currency, morale, population, and turns information to the planet and shipyard window
  • Changed Terran and "space monster" fighters size from small to tiny, matching the sizes for other factions.  This change prevents a crash in the ROT campaign
  • Map Editor: Fixed a problem that prevented the Mini-map Preview from working.
  • Replaced Diplomatic Specialization 3 to be "Efficient Administration" on all trees. (Base Game and Campaigns.)
  • Fixed bad Matter Disruption Cost multiplier that was making Matter Disruption 2.6 times more expensive than it should have been.
  • Changed the width of the asteroid tooltip window and "nearest owned planet" value so that the value can no longer overlap
  • Negative Strategic resources are no longer shown in the trade options when they were negative
  • Updated map lighting settings to decreased ambient light and increased key light to make the ships look less flat.
  • Mercenaries: Ships that you can't afford are greyed out.
  • Fixed issue where Ancient Kinetic Augmenter had weapon FX even though it is a support module.
  • Removed military ring Starbase range boost now that we have implemented Administrators.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing rebellions in peaceful corners of the galaxy.

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