Stardock Classic The Corporate Machine Now Availab...

Stardock’s 2001 classic real-time economic RTS is now available on Steam. Dive back into the timeless battle for one of the most ruthless environments ever created: international trade. Design your product, undercut the competition, and use your con

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Powerful Remnant Champions Now Available For Recru...

PLYMOUTH, MI – March 12, 2015 – The ashes of the old world's empires may still have some fire hidden within them in Sorcerer King, the anticipated fantasy 4X from long-tenured independent studio Stardock. Sorcerer King's latest beta up

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Transcend Your Mortal Body into the Most Advanced ...

PLYMOUTH, MI – March 4, 2015 – Humanity embraces its next evolutionary phase while an existential war is waged on an unprecedented scale across the galaxy: at this year's Game Developer Conference, Stardock pulls back the curtain on Ashes

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Power Up Your Giant War Machines in Servo, Invadin...

Plymouth, MI – March 4, 2015 – From the minds behind some of the most iconic PC games in the last two decades comes an incredible new title: Servo, a real-time strategy game that marries the persistent progression of gathering and equipping sc

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Start10 Beta Release Set to Improve Windows 10 Sta...

Plymouth, Michigan – February, 24, 2015 – Stardock announced today its Start10 start menu solution for Windows 10 and the immediate availability of the initial beta release for its Object

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Offworld Trading Company Early Access Now Availab...

Plymouth, MI – February 12, 2015 – Players are now able to begin colonizing Mars in Offworld Trading Company, the economic RTS from Mohawk Games, as the title is now available on Steam Early Access for a limited-time discount of $35.99 (a hre

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