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WindowBlinds v10.5 Update Introduces Universal App Skinning and More

Article posted on 11/2/2016

Plymouth, MI. – November 2, 2016 - Today, Stardock announced the release of WindowBlinds 10.5, the latest iteration of its popular desktop customization software. WindowBlinds allows users to completely customize their desktop interface by choosing from unique skin options for their Start panel, taskbar, window frames, control buttons, and more.

What’s new in 10.5:

  • Apply skins to universal applications!

  • Blur the area behind skinned areas (Windows 10 Anniversary [and later])

  • Taskbar preview skinning on Windows 10

  • Skin OS ribbon controls and blend in better with titlebars

  • Completely hide the Windows Explorer ribbon

  • Improved handling of high and mixed DPI settings

  • Option for using standard Windows menus which skin better on desktop

  • Option for applying system accent color based on the skin selected (either auto generated or via AccentColour setting under System Colours)

  • Improved skinning for Mozilla applications

"We are excited to be able to create a more seamless desktop environment for our users," said Angela Marshall, Stardock COO and Vice President of Software. "We are always looking for ways to improve WindowBlinds so skinning Universal applications was a natural fit.  We are also happy to bring back blurring for users with the Anniversary Update of Windows 10."

WindowBlinds is available as a standalone application or through Stardock's comprehensive Object Desktop service. Through Object Desktop, users will be able to access the latest versions of WindowBlinds, Start10, Fences, Deskscapes, and more.

WindowBlinds supports Microsoft Windows 10 and is available to download now for $9.99, and those who own a previous version can upgrade for just $4.99.

For more information about WindowBlinds 10, please visit  

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About Stardock: Stardock is a developer and publisher of PC games and desktop software founded in 1991 by nationally recognized technology expert Brad Wardell. Located in Plymouth, Michigan, Stardock is a powerful leader in the video gaming and software development world.  Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire, the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series, and Ashes of the Singularity. Stardock puts the user experience first through software that enriches the Windows experience for everyone from casual computer users to highly technical professionals. Products offered by Stardock include Start8, Start10, Fences, WindowBlinds, Multiplicity, and more at