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License Management

Single Product Key \ Multiple Activations

An individual product key that can be activated on multiple machines via a web connection to Stardock's activation servers.

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Multiple Product Keys \ Single Activation

A separate product key per machine that can be activated via a web connection to Stardock's activation servers, enabling one active instance of a product to be associated with each key at a time.

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Local License Activation Server

This option is available for Start8/Start10 and Fences orders of 100 licenses or more and eliminates the need for individual license keys. A license activation server is simple to set up and enables you to easily manage activation of larger deployments. The server responds to requests from individual PCs and will authorize activation until the license total is reached.

To understand what is required for this option, please download the local network license activation guides:

Start8 Guide | Fences Guide

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Standardize Deployment

Scripted Activation

For both the 'Single Product Key \ Multiple Activations' and 'Multiple Product Keys \ Single Activation' methods, activations can be scripted. For information on how, please see the following knowledgebase article:

Group Policy (Start8 only)

Standardize your Start8 deployment configuration with the group policy template. This capability enables large deployments to define standard group configurations controlling available features and appearances such as the specific available start menu options, exposed end user customizations and the start menu appearance, skin and colors.

Uniform Layout Template (Fences only)

The Fences layout template enables you to ensure every PC in your deployment has a uniform implementation. During installation, the layout template will control what Fences are created, where they are placed and which icons are moved into each Fence ensuring all users have an identical implementation.

Technical Support

Stardock’s knowledgeable technical support team is ready to help you if you need it.

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