24 Hour Impulses: The Concept

Over the past few months we’ve been working on creating a system to send users “instant messages” via the Impulse tray program. Now users who have “Show Promotions” enabled in their “Impulse Now” settings can receive balloon notifications from their system tray on special offers that come in.

Here’s how it works:

Impulse has been working to put together a series of special promotions during the month of December. Anyone with Impulse installed and has the tray program running (which it is by default) and hasn’t turned off promotions will start receiving special offers.

These aren’t ordinary sales, however. They’re special deals we’ve put together with developers that only exist for 24 hours and are priced at a level we aren’t able to promote on our main websites.

The first test promotion was Galactic Civilizations for $0.99. We will be doing some “warm up specials” over the coming week as we prepare for the Impulse “12 days of Christmas” where AAA titles will start to get steep discounts.

To participate, simply download and install Impulse (www.impulsedriven.com). The tray program, Impulse Now, will automatically be installed (you can also load it immediately by typing Impulse Now via the Start menu).

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