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Stardock Releases Fences 3, The Popular Desktop Organization Software

Plymouth, MI. – May 18, 2016 - Today, Stardock released Fences 3, the latest version of its popular desktop organization software. Fences allows a user to automatically organize their Windows desktop shortcuts and icons in shaded areas that can be h...

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Stardock Announces the Release of WindowBlinds 10

Plymouth, MI. – March 15, 2016 - Today, Stardock announced the release of WindowBlinds 10, the latest iteration of its popular desktop customization software. WindowBlinds allows users to make their desktop interface uniquely theirs by customizing t...

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Stardock Announces Object Desktop 2016, a Complete Windows Customization Experience

Plymouth, MI - September 1, 2015 - Today, Stardock announced the release of Object Desktop 2016, a popular suite of over a dozen different software applications that give PC users the tools they need to make Windows® work they way they want it to. Ob...

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Stardock Brings the start menu back to Windows 10 with Start10

Plymouth, MI – August 12, 2015 – Today Stardock announced the release of Start10, an easy-to-use program that returns the Windows 10 start menu to a more familiar look and feel. Windows 10 has brought back a start menu, but the focus is hea...

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Object Desktop 2015 Available Now.

Its the best way to get instant access to Stardock’s award winning library of Windows customization applications, exciting new product releases, updates and more. Get Object Desktop now for as little as $3.99 per month. Learn more about Object Desk...

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