CursorFX Download
Requires Windows 7/Vista or XP

Cursors can be unlimited size
Fully anti-aliased cursors
Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors
Animations and scripts
Cursors with normal and pressed states
Full featured theme editor
Fully featured graphic control panel
Fully configurable soft shadow
Effects on mouse click  
Trail elements  
Mirror or resize cursors  
Change cursor colors (hue shift)  
Access to betas before release  
Control panel previews now feature blur transparency (7/Vista only). Optional, disabled by default.  
Appearance options are reflected by the cursors in the theme preview panels.  
New Brightness and Contrast controls (Plus only).  
New "Disable shadow" option.  
More powerful scripting allowing loops and conditions.  
Queued states let you have smooth non-interruptable transitions.  
Movement smoothing  
Price FREE! $9.99
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