KeepSafe is a client-based data protection system. Unlike brute-force protection schemes, users control exactly which files, folders, and file-types they want protected to ensure that disk space is not wasted and performance maintained at the highest levels.

KeepSafe will store backups of protected data to any location the user desires: local hard drive, USB drive, network server, etc. As a result, KeepSafe can be set up as a seamless real-time backup system.

KeepSafe integrates directly into the Microsoft Windows file system. It works at the same level as the operating system. Stardock’s award-winning development teams have years of experience in creating software for Windows that integrates into the operating system.

As a result, users can be assured that KeepSafe works as if it were natively part of Microsoft Windows.

KeepSafe includes:

Saves time and reduces cost of operations
KeepSafe is the perfect solution for the small to mid-sized business. If you have ever had a mission-critical document become corrupt or if you have ever accidentally saved over a needed file, you know how costly that can be in terms of time and effort.

Until now, only large companies could afford version-control systems. But with KeepSafe’s easy-to-use interface, you set it once and all your files are protected. You select the file types, the number of versions that you want to keep and the location for saved copies (internal hard disk, external drive or server), and you are protected. If you need to recover a file, the Recovery Wizard will guide you through the steps. Or just right-click on a file and KeepSafe will show you all available versions. Just choose the one that you need.
Supports multiple file types
In today’s busy world, we all wear many hats, often working with many types of files. In the morning, we may work on a contract document, in the afternoon a spreadsheet, and before we go home we may work on a graphics file or web page. With KeepSafe, you just set your file types from a list or add new ones, and KeepSafe does the rest.

Restore only what you need
Most other recovery utilities were not designed with users in mind. They restore an entire volume when all you need is one file! With KeepSafe, you restore only what you need.

And unlike backup solutions that provide "point in time" restore which may be hours or days out of date (since the last backup), KeepSafe let's you keep copies each time you save an updated file.
Simplistic and IT Friendly
Easy to use, easy to configure, and easy (and safe) to forget about until you need it.

No need for additional server hardware, licenses, or changing your users work habits to perform all work on network shares (though KeepSafe will also archive copies of files saved to mapped network drives).
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