Tweak7 Features 30-Day Trial Tweak7
Start-Up Management - Disable unnecessary software increasing performance check check
Process Identification - Identify unrecognized software check check
Service Profiles - Easy to use, tailored, one click profiles check check
Performance Recommendations - With one click hyperlink to features check check
Display Driver Update Reminders - With links to vendor download locations on the web check check
Cost of Use and Carbon Footprint Analysis - How "Green" is your computer? check check
User Access Control Configuration - Select a UAC profile from predefined settings check check
Benchmark Assessment - View results for your PC check check
User Setting Management - Move user directories where you want them check check
Dialog Avoidence - Remove common, annoying dialogs check check
Advanced Service Profile Management - Change settings of the default profiles check check
Startup Timing Analysis - Identify programs slowing startup check check
Benchmark Assessment Reports - Compare your machine against other users! check check
SMART Guard Detailed Statistics - Predict hard drive failures! check check
Advanced Security (UAC) Configuration - Change default security profile settings check check
Supported OS: Windows 7 check check
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