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Thousands of free skins available to choose from
Customize your title bars, push buttons and more!
Utilize tools to maximize your experience


Get the look of Windows 8 on your PC without the hassle of updating your operating system.
Transform your Windows 7, XP or Vista appearance with the Win8 Metro skin.
A dark yet easy to use skin with easy to read menus.
This theme has two different versions, transparent and normal. Both with normal and compact start menus.
Includes per-pixel title bars, progress animations, animated start menu and more!
A "Star Wars" inspired skin. This one is loosely based on the weathered, grungy look of Boba Fett's ship and helmet.
Get into the holiday spirit.
Completely transform your desktop!
Brighten your day.


Choose from thousands of skins.
Mix and match your wallpapers.
Change the backgrounds of Explorer windows.
Change the fonts of windows to make them bigger, smaller or something completely different.
Customize Windows Vista or Windows 7’s native look with new texture and color options.
Change the color, brightness and other aspects of your skins.
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