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HP Launches Designer Edition Netbook with Stardock's MyColors

Article posted on 9/22/2009

HP is releasing a line of netbooks with designs from featured designer Tord Boontje. The Mini 110 is a netbook that is getting this designers touch, and thanks to a partnership between Stardock and HP, users of this netbook will be able to use MyColors to change to one of the 15 wallpapers included.

"The designer edition netbook will also come with 15 custom wallpapers designed by Tord Boontje. Now, here's the interesting part about that: The laptop will ship with Windows 7 Starter Edition. And while Microsoft prevents users (or HP) from changing the desktop background in the low cost version of the operating system, HP has partnered with StarDock to load the MyColors software on the designer netbook so that users can select the special backgrounds "