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Groupy from Stardock Brings Browser-like Tabs to Windows Apps Today!

Article posted on 12/12/2017

From the people who brought you Fences, Start10, ObjectDock, DeskScapes, and countless other amazing programs, comes a new one that will transform the way you use your PC: Groupy.

At any given moment, people have a lot of windows open. 

Maybe it's a few Explorer windows, a couple of Excel spreadsheets, maybe a a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.  Maybe they're working with Adobe Premiere and After Effects and a few other windows.  In any event, dealing with all these windows can get to be quite a mess. So what's the solution?

The answer is: Stardock Groupy, the program that lets you treat all your windows the same way you are now used to treating browser windows -- put them them together with each window given its own tab.

Stardock's Groupy

Stardock's Groupy

Have tons of Explorer windows?
Many of us are juggling various internet browsers, programs
and windows at any given time.
  No problem.
Groupy allows you to put all your windows together
within ONE window given its own tab.
Stardock's Groupy   Stardock's Groupy


Drowning in spreadsheets?
Lots of people run several Microsoft Office apps at the
same time. It's easy to misplace them, even with
multiple monitors.
  Just put them together.
Groupy fixes that easily by collecting all of your apps
and placing them in an easy-to-navigate group.
Stardock's Groupy   Stardock's Groupy


Need lots of apps to get a job done?
Lots of artists are familiar with working between various
Adobe applications. Opening and closing multiple windows
to reference what you need really adds up over time.
  Tab easily between lots of programs.
Switch between programs instantly using the Win-~ key.
If you need to pull them apart, just drag the tab off like
you would with a normal browser window.
Stardock's Groupy   Stardock's Groupy


Stardock's Groupy
Use multiple web browsers?
Chrome, Edge, Firefox... sometimes, you need
different browsers for different reasons. 
  Groupy supports tabs within tabs.
Use as many different types of browsers as you want and
move easily between them. It's like having a single browser!
Stardock's Groupy   Stardock's Groupy


Stardock's Groupy
Use lots of different apps?
Maybe you're a power user or developer who uses a diversified
mix of applications to get a job done. 
  Group ANY window with another window.
Groupy makes it easier. To ungroup, simply drag the tab
off from the group and keep working.
  Stardock's Groupy

Groupy is the simplest and most useful app you may ever buy. 

Stardock's Groupy

It's also available as part of our award-winning
Object Desktop suite at

Are you an active Object Desktop owner?
Get access to Groupy today by logging into your Stardock Account.
If you can't remember the email you used to purchase Object Desktop
with, check out this helpful post.