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ThinkDesk Beta begins

Article posted on 4/13/2005

Stardock Announces ThinkDesk
    Maximize your computing power with this suite of utilities

LIVONIA, MI (April 14, 2005) - Stardock, a leading developer of Windows utility software announced a brand new suite of software utilities called ThinkDesk. The programs of ThinkDesk are designed to allow users to increase their productivity by treating all of the computers they have access to as a single unit.

The initial launch of ThinkDesk will include 4 brand new programs – Multiplicity, KeepSafe, SecureProcess, and ThinkSync. Users who purchase ThinkDesk will receive these 4 programs plus additional programs that get added to the ThinkDesk suite for a year along with free updates to those programs during that year.

Multiplicity, which is available stand alone, allows users to take two computers and put them together as a single computing platform with a single keyboard and mouse controlling both computers. A universal clipboard between the computers allows users to seamlessly copy text and graphics between the computers. A Pro version allows for additional computers to be added as well as allowing for file copying between computers using the clipboard.

KeepSafe integrates file revisioning into Windows XP’s file system. Users control which directories or file types they wish to add revisioning support to. When enabled, every time a user saves a document, a previous version is automatically journaled. If the user chooses to go back to a previous version, they can do so right from Windows explorer. The file revisions can either be stored on a local machine or on a network file server in which case it also acts as a seamless automatic smart backup solution.

SecureProcess is designed to allow users and administrators to control what types of processes can be run on a given machine. It enables users to stop viruses, spyware, or worms before the user is infected.

ThinkSync is designed to allow users to treat all their machines local storage as a single, integrated drive system. Users can use it to keep two folders on a local machine synchronized or they can use their account and have multiple machines (on a LAN or over the Internet) keep any group of directories synchronized and does so in a secure fashion.

ThinkDesk is currently in beta, the final version is expected out this Summer with new programs and updates to existing programs being added soon after.

It lists for $69.95 and has discount options for users of stand-alone programs of ThinkDesk (such as Multiplicity) as well as for Stardock Object Desktop users. Its home page is

Stardock ThinkDesk
Requires Windows 2000/XP

Stardock Corp. (
17292 Farmington Rd.
Livonia MI 48152

Brad Wardell (

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About Stardock:
Stardock is a Midwestern Windows software development company. It is best known for creating software that extends and enhances to functionality of Microsoft Windows. Its principle product is a suite of desktop enhancements called Object Desktop ( which includes its popular utilities WindowBlinds, DesktopX, ObjectBar, IconPackager, SkinStudio, RightClick, Keyboard LaunchPad, and much more.

It also runs the worlds most popular desktop customization website called ( which receives over 3 million unique visitors each month.

Stardock has also developed popular PC strategy games such as the award winning Galactic Civilizations ( and The Political Machine ( Its game software is available at retail as well as through its innovative electronic distribution network (