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Blast Off With Space Rangers 2

Article posted on 10/26/2006

Cinemaware's Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators has arrived on today! Space Rangers 2 is a unique combination of the space sim, adventure, and strategy genres. It features a huge, interconnected universe with more than 60 star systems and 250 planets, hundreds of AI ships to interact with, five different races to choose from and open-ended gameplay, where you can interact with the story or strike out on your own, and more!

A new and even more dangerous force than the Klissans is threatening the galaxy. A new extremely hazardous cyber-lifeform appears on one of the planets that used to be under Klissan control: powerful combat robots, who are not only capable of carrying out orders given to them, but who also have an intellect of their own. Possessed by their own programs, the battle machines come into space spreading fear and terror across the inhabited worlds.

Thanks to the Humans these robots become known as the Dominators. The civilized worlds are forced to withstand the oppression of three Dominator types: the Blazeroids, the Kelleroids, and the Terronoids. These three branches of machine evolution are at war with each other, which is only to the advantage of the Coalition Forces.

Space Rangers 2 can be purchased for $19.99 or just 2 tokens for members. For more information, visit

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP, 450 MHz Processor, 128 MB RAM, 64 MB 3D Video Card, 1.4 GB Hard Disk Space, DirectX 9.0c or higher

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