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Stardock Announces Siege of Centauri

Earth's first colony is under attack by an unknown enemy Communications to Earth's first interstellar colony in Proxima Centauri have gone dark. In response, Earth has dispatched the Carpathia to investigate. Upon arrival, they find a colony under sieg

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Stardock Releases Groupy v1.2

Stardock has released a new version of Groupy, an app that lets you organize multiple programs into grouped tabs on your desktop. Version 1.2 updates Groupy's UI and lets you add a delay before grouping your windows together in order to give you more cont

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DeskScapes 10 is Now Available

Your favorite Windows® desktop personalization application has a brand new version out today! We've added several community requested features that will make personalizing your desktop wallpapers with animations, pictures, and videos better than

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