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Stardock welcomes high school students enrolled in summer gaming camp!

Article posted on 7/25/2013

Lawrence Tech University hosts a summer camp for high school students interested in game design/development. Stardock jumped on the opportunity to give the students a glimpse into the real world of game design/development. The students were given a tour by our VP of Stardock Entertainment, Derek Paxton, along with Toby Sarnelle, Associate Producer, and Ray Bartos, Associate Producer.

The tour allowed the students to see what a game studio does on a day to day basis as well as learn the concepts of game design, programming and 3d graphics production.

The students were also given a little insight to all aspects of creating a game, not just the development phase, including concept art, marketing, quality assurance and support.

We were excited to have them and hope they come back for another visit!