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Stardock Confirms ModernMix Compatibility with Latest Windows 8 Modern Applications

Article posted on 9/19/2013

PLYMOUTH, Mich.--Sept. 19, 2013--Stardock, leading developer of desktop enhancement software, announced its popular Windows 8 product, ModernMix, supports new Modern interfaced apps available for premier sites and services, including; Netflix, Google Search, Amazon, Skype, Twitter, NFL Fantasy Football, ESPN, Dropbox, SugarSync, Wikipedia, Hulu Plus, Ebay, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, The Weather Channel, and many others.

ModernMix enables users to open Windows 8 Modern apps in resizable windows on the traditional Windows desktop interface.  Without ModernMix, Modern interface apps will first open full screen and then offer restrictive size and positioning options limiting how users to can work with the apps.  

"ModernMix has no limit on the number of Modern applications active in movable and resizable windows," said Robert McElroy, Marketing Manager, of Stardock.  "Legacy Windows users are very accustomed to opening and moving windows on their desktop however makes them most productive.  ModernMix returns that familiar capability to Windows 8 Modern apps enabling users to more effectively use their monitor display area and multitask." 

"Stardock has spent the last 20 years developing solutions that improve the PC user experience," said Jamie McGuffie, Vice President, of Stardock.  Our knowledge of how users want to work with their PCs has driven the development of ModernMix which helps users ease the transition to Windows 8 and retains the frequently used flexibility of resizable windows."

ModernMix can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial.

About Stardock

Strardock is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leading developer and publisher of desktop software and PC games.  Its desktop software includes Start8, ModernMix, Decor8, WindowBlinds and Fences.  Stardock’s solutions have earned awards from CNET, Laptop Magazine, PCWorld and many more.  Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire and the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series.  Stardock is also the founder of software publisher EdgeRunner.  



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