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Founders Alpha Begins for Servo

Article posted on 4/30/2015

Stardock and BonusXP are thrilled to welcome our early adopters to the Founders Alpha of Servo, the RTS where how you design and equip your team of giant war machines is as important as the skill with which you command them in battle.

Servo is being designed by key elements of the Age of Empires creative team, including BonusXP CEO and co-founder Dave Pottinger and strategy gaming legend Bruce Shelley. RTS is in BonusXP’s DNA, but in Servo your attention is on what matters: harnessing the awesome power of the lumbering metal monstrosities you designed, not telling villagers to pick berries.

Every battle in Servo brings rewards, which can then be used to further customize your team. In addition to the several equipment slots each Servo has, the pilots you assign to them bring their own talents and specialties. Tailoring your Servos to your playstyle – whether that’s rapid expansion across the map, early aggression into the heart of the enemy base, building up to a devastating multi-Servo combo, or something else entirely – is the key to victory.

Whether you prefer your RTS action competitive, cooperative, with or against the AI or other humans, Servo has you covered. We’ve got some big plans for multiplayer that aren’t quite ready to reveal yet, but our core matchmaking and functionality is tested and ready to go for alpha.

Our Founders can join the alpha today, getting a head start on smashing aliens and enemy Servos into dust. We are deeply grateful for their support, and can’t wait to start collecting the feedback once we get this into real gamers’ hands.

Become a Founder today at