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Stardock Releases Sorcerer King Update 1.2 with Improved Shard Mechanics, New Spells, Harder Difficulty, and More

Article posted on 9/17/2015

Plymouth, MI - September 17, 2015 - Today Stardock announced an update to its latest fantasy strategy title, Sorcerer King.

Players can challenge the Sorcerer King with the game’s six unique sovereigns that have their own skill trees, spellbooks and units. In Update 1.2, new shard mechanics make it so that the players need to be aware of the Sorcerer King’s minions when they attack. Attacks on the shards will now result in the Doomsday counter increasing, which causes an automatic loss when it fills to maximum.

“With Sorcerer King we wanted to do a different take on fantasy strategy and move away from some of the genre’s familiar tropes,” said lead designer and Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. “Instead of pitting players against other factions with the same objective of conquering the game’s world for themselves, we’re challenging players to struggle against the Doomsday counter as they rise from the ashes of defeat to stop the demigod from casting a spell that will transform him into a god.”

The update also adds 8 new single-use enchantment spell pages to use throughout the game. The pages that the player obtains will vary depending on their choice of Sovereign and will contain different enchantments.

Update 1.2 also includes several bug fixes and increased difficulty levels. Sorcerer King can be updated using the Steam client. For more information, please visit

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