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Blast from the Past: Stardock Brings New Update to Galactic Civilizations II

Article posted on 12/17/2015

Stardock is pleased to announce a major update to Galactic Civilizations II (not III, but II).  Version 2.20 is a major overhaul to AI, balance, and general gameplay that was the result of a team-up between the Galactic Civilizations community and the development team.

"It was awesome being able to work with the fans to integrate years of their own mods and tweaks into the base game," said Brad Wardell, CEO and President of Stardock. "They also gave me a long list of areas where they thought I could improve the AI, which I used to dig into the now 10 year old AI source code base to implement."

Galactic Civilizations II was originally released in 2006 and remains one of the highest rated 4X strategy games of all time.  In Galactic Civilizations II, players take control of Earth in the 23rd century to guide its expansion into the galaxy.

The full change log for the new update can be found below.

The home page for GalCiv II is Its Steam page is, where it can be purchased today for only $19.99.


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