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Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company Adds Steam Workshop and Modding Support

Article posted on 12/15/2016

Plymouth, MI. – December 15, 2016 - Stardock and Mohawk Games have released an update for Offworld Trading Company that fully integrates the game with Steam Workshop. Players who would like to mod the game will now be able to mod xml data for buildings, units, and resources, while those with advanced coding experience can access and modify their own C# code.

"We're really excited to be opening up Offworld to the modding community," said Soren Johnson, lead designer for Offworld Trading Company and President of Mohawk Games. "We built Offworld Trading Company not only to support mods that change the game values, but also to allow for players to modify the C# code itself."

Modders can look forward to uploading mods to Steam Workshop directly through the game, as well as easy access to their work with a new "Mods" screen on the game’s Start menu. Players will also be able to view other mods and manage both uploaded and subscribed content.

"There’s something for everyone here," said Johnson. "People who are just getting into modding can work with values in xml, while others who are advanced coders can write their own code that will execute right alongside the game’s code. This allows for adjustments to the AI, for example, along with a ton of other possibilities."

The programmer in charge of mod support at Mohawk, Jason Winokur, recorded three tutorial videos to guide prospective modders. They can be viewed on the Mohawk Games blog here.

Offworld Trading Company is currently available on Steam, through Stardock, or on GOG for $39.99. For more information about Offworld Trading Company, please visit

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About Stardock: Stardock is a developer and publisher of PC games and desktop software founded in 1991 by nationally recognized technology expert Brad Wardell. Located in Plymouth, Michigan, Stardock is a powerful leader in the video gaming and software development world.  Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire, the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series, and Ashes of the Singularity. Stardock puts the user experience first through software that enriches the Windows experience for everyone from casual computer users to highly technical professionals. Products offered by Stardock include Start8, Start10, Fences, WindowBlinds, Multiplicity, and more.

About Mohawk Games: Founded by acclaimed game designer Soren Johnson in 2013, Mohawk Games is built on the principles of iterative design, deep gameplay, and community involvement. Mohawk’s first title, Offworld Trading Company, uses the Unity engine and is being published by Stardock.