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Chill Out with These Summer Themed Animated Desktop Wallpapers!

Article posted on 6/1/2020

Summer isn't officially here for a couple of weeks yet, but it's the beginning of June and I'm getting my desktop ready for the beach. I like to keep some of my desktop themed with the seasons, and Summer is one of my favorites. 

We have lots of skins and themes to change the whole look of Windows, but today I'm going to highlight some animated wallpapers for DeskScapes.

We've also been working on the site getting the tag functionality working great. Many creators have been adding them to their skins which should make searching for a particular type of skin a bit easier. So if you are looking for more of these use words like "tropical", "beach", "summer", etc. and you get a bunch of great selections.


Paradise Beach

Tropical Beach from Above


White Sand Aqua Ocean

The Island Life


Grand Turk Waves