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Games Done Quick - A Gaming Highlight of the Summer

Article posted on 8/20/2020

I’ll be honest: I’ve never quite understood speed running.

I mean, yes, I understand the concept of speed running games and how it works, but I suppose I’ve never completely understood the overall appeal. That’s not to knock on speed gamers - you do you! - but I am more of a meanderer when it comes to my games. When I watch a speedrunner click rapidly through all of the dialogue or skip huge chunks of my favorite RPGs, I get a little squirrely.

That said, I have found myself gradually coming to accept and even enjoy speed runs, especially of older games like Super Mario Brothers or Contra. I don’t think I’d ever get into performing one myself, but there are tons of speedrunners out there who are supremely fun to watch.

I’d heard of Games Done Quick before, but never really paid it a lot of mind previously because, as I said, speed runs weren’t really my thing. Typically, there’s a huge in-person event, but it’s been canceled this year because, you know, reasons. This year they’ve moved their format entirely online so that we can all watch from the comfort of our own homes. 

For the unfamiliar, here are a few fun facts about Games Done Quick (GDQ):

  • GDQ is a semiannual charity marathon held in the U.S. and organized by the Speed Demons Archive and Speedruns Live communities. 
  • GDQ began in 2010.
  • Awesome Games Done Quick is held in January and raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Summer Games Done Quick is held usually in June or July annually (though obviously it’s in August this year) and raises money for Doctors Without Borders.
  • Over $25.7 million has been raised for these charities across 25 marathons. Awesome!

What I’ve found most fun about the format of GDQ are the way the speedrunners interact with their viewership. You can make donations toward a certain incentive, too, like a bonus speedrun, showcases of additional tricks or glitches, or things like naming a player character in the game.

Summer Games Done Quick started this past Sunday and will end on the 23rd, so don’t miss out! This weeklong showcase of some of the world’s best speedrunners is free to watch. Don’t forget that they’re raising money for Doctors Without Borders and your donations will go to an excellent cause!

If you’re looking to watch a particular game, you can see a full schedule here. And don’t worry if you miss something - there’s a huge collection of past streams here for you to peruse.

Are you a fan of GDQ or speedrunning in general? Share your thoughts with me!