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Releasing Fences 4.21 with Performance Improvements

Article posted on 7/17/2023

Today we are releasing a new update for Fences 4, bringing with it some significant improvements and enhancements. If you're eager to get your hands on the latest version, the update is currently being rolled out and can be manually checked for by accessing the Fences 4 configuration panel. Simply navigate to "About" and select "Check for Updates."

With this update, one of the notable changes is the faster startup time for Fences 4, making it more efficient and responsive when you use it. Moreover, we've made improvements to the scrollbar within fences, which should result in a smoother and more seamless experience while navigating.

As part of our commitment to delivering a reliable product, we've also addressed several bugs that were reported, ensuring a more stable and trouble-free experience for all users. For a detailed list of all the changes included in this release, you can refer to the complete changelog, where you'll find an overview of the updates and fixes implemented.

Fences 4 is the best way to keep your desktop organized. With powerful features that automatically sort files into a fence on your desktop to Folder Portals allow you to mirror any folder to your desktop, once you experience Fences, it will quickly become a core part of your workflow.

After installing this update, if you run into any bugs, make sure to let us know by either reaching out to support or joining the conversation in our forums.

And if you haven’t tried Fences 4 yet, you can download a free trial or if you are looking for the ultimate Stardock bundle, make sure to check out Object Desktop too.