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Cheat Codes in Video Games

Who doesn’t remember (and even revere) the days of silly codes and secrets slipped into games? As I think back about how word traveled regarding these surprises, it astonishes me that they became as well known as they were in the days before the Internet.

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Remember ObjectBar? I tried it on Windows 10

I was doing some updates with Object Desktop on my laptop and while grabbing an installer file from my account, I noticed the download for ObjectBar. Wow, that brought back some memories of skinning. ObjectBar would let you create and use your own start menus, docks, sidebars, etc. and was very cust

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Music in Video Games

While my tastes vary widely anywhere from metal to musicals, one musical genre in particular frequently seems to suit my workflow, and that is: video game soundtracks. There are, of course, a lot of elements that go into making a good game: graphics, story, gameplay, mechanics - the list goes on and

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What would I do without Start10?

One of the most notable differences for me was moving from Windows 7 over to Windows 10 - the new menu just wasn’t working for me. Before I came to Stardock, I honestly knew little-to-nothing about desktop customization and would have had no clue that I could fix this little problem of mine using St

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