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Video Game Movies from Our - Okay, MY - Childhood

We are all well aware that video game movies, at least critically, are not good. The best you can do, typically, is rank them from “least bad” to “worst” - but that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining! So, I’m going to share my favorite top 5 “retro” video game movie adaptations.

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We love mods: check out this new one for Dark Souls III

If you’ve spent any time in the Stardock community, you know that we love mods here. Between Galactic Civilizations III, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Star Control: Origins, and our other titles, there are thousands of available mods out there from an abundance of talented creators.

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The Puzzle Games of Yore

Honestly, “puzzle game” is a fairly broad term. You’ve got your literal puzzle games like your Match 3’s (Bejeweled, Candy Crush, etc.) or your “piece it all together” games (like Glass Masquerade), but then the concept of “puzzle” game widens with games like Myst, Portal, Monkey Island, and a...

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Cheat Codes in Video Games

Who doesn’t remember (and even revere) the days of silly codes and secrets slipped into games? As I think back about how word traveled regarding these surprises, it astonishes me that they became as well known as they were in the days before the Internet.

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