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WinCustomize 2005! Adventures in Skinning: January January Skinning Highlights
CursorXP 1.31 Object Desktop 2004 in review WindowBlinds 4.5 Preview
Orthodox Unorthodox The Top Skins of 2004 Personal Pages, where's yours?
ObjectDock 1.1! Natural Desktop 1.2 Released Some Top Lists of 2004

WinCustomize 2005!
WinCustomize was whipped out in about a month or two back in the beginning of 2001 when a bunch of the major customization sites (skin sites) went down suddenly.  And from there it grew and grew and grew..

We are pleased to announce WinCustomize 2005. Completely rewritten and redesigned with tons of new features!

Come Visit the all new!

One change we've made to WinCustomize Magazine - we're not linking to images anymore. Many email programs don't load up images by default for security reasons and we don't want WC Mag to look bad by default. Besides, this makes it smaller and cleaner to read.  But feel free to let us know what you think on the forums on WinCustomize. 

CursorXP 1.31
Stardock CursorXP is a freeware program that enables users to have spectacular mouse cursors. Unlike the basic Windows mouse cursors, CursorXP mouse cursors can be both alpha blended and fully animated at the same time. It's also incredibly easy to make your own mouse cursors with CursorXP as the different cursor states are just "bit strip" in PNG format (every frame of animation stored in a single .PNG file).

Stardock also makes CursorXP Plus which adds additional features to CursorXP such as color changing and changing the size of the cursor on the fly.  There are hundreds of Stardock CursorXP mouse cursors available on most customization websites (including WinCustomize, deviantART, Skinbase, and elsewhere). You can download it at

New in version 1.31: Various performance tweaks along with support for 64bit Windows (for those of you with the AMD64).

Visit to download...

Orthodox Unorthodox!
Last month we released SkinPlant's Unorthodox skin pack.  It was a collection of 5 skins that took on totally unique ideas on how the Windows GUI might be done.  It's been a hit with users.  But many users loved the designs so much that they requested that we provide them with "normal" styles as well.  That is, ones with the standard Windows configuration.

So this month, Unorthodox has been updated to include Orthodox skins. If you already have Unorthodox, just go here and put in your email address and it'll send you a link to the updated pack.

[Get Unorthodox Now!]

ObjectDock 1.1
ObjectDock & ObjectDock Plus 1.1 are now available! ObjectDock is a freeware program launcher and task manager that is highly configurable in how they look and feel. ObjectDock Plus adds tabbed docks, multiple docks, fly-out menus and other features.

New in ObjectDock / ObjectDock Plus 1.1:

  • Zooming tabbed docks (icons in tabbed docks can now zoom).
  • You can now always resize tabbed docks from corners
  • Can now run on limited user accounts
  • Supports WinKey+D now (show desktop no longer hides ObjectDock if it's set to always on bottom or top)
  • Unicode support
  • Multiple language support (see files in \lang directory)
  • Standard docks adjust themselves properly on screen resolution change.
  • Auto-hide sensitivity options added for standard docks
  • Folder menu items with &'s in them now supported
  • Many other minor tweaks

[Get ObjectDock]

Adventures in Skinning: January 2005
Cordelia is new to this whole customization thing and has created a series of articles on this very fact.  For people who are new and even those experienced in "skinning" their Windows PCs, this on-going series of articles is a great read.  It takes users on a tour of some of the most common new issues that new users will run into as they get into enhancing Windows.

Check out the Newbie Tutorials here:  #1: Intro. #2: WindowBlinds, Part 1, #3: WindowBlinds, Part 2, #4: Screenshots, #5: IconPackager, #6: Wallpaper Basics; #7: Logon Studio; #8: CursorXP; #9: BootSkin; #10 RightClick.

Object Desktop: 2004 in review...
If you want to get the most out of Windows, especially Windows XP, then you need Object Desktop.  So much cool stuff happened to this premiere suite of Windows enhancement utilities last year. And here's an article that walks us through it:

[Article: Object Desktop 2004 in review]

The Top Skins of 2004
The First annual top skins awards -- "The Skinnies" have been announced. Check out this past year's winners for the best skins of the year.

[Top Skins of 2004]

Natural Desktop Released
Natural Desktop is a program that gives your desktop a natural look, feel, and sound to it. First, it changes the wallpaper on your desktop based on the time of day and time of year. The wallpapers were created by Ryan Bliss, founder of Digital Blasphemy. Mason Fischer created nearly a half hour sound track that is based on the time of day. Morning doves in the morning, crickets at night, rain when it's storming. And finally, the most advanced weather visuals available created by Matt Crockett (Tiggz) are displayed.  With tons of settings and the ability to customize the wallpapers and sounds to your liking, Natural Desktop has become one of the most popular programs Stardock makes.

Version 1.2 fixes some bugs users have reported such as saving default sounds, toggling the 12/24 clock, rain and thunderstorm sound effects being in sync with your current weather, quick mute not working, and some animation looping at midnight addressed.

If you already have Natural Desktop, use Stardock Central ( to update to the latest version. If you don't have Natural Desktop, check it out!

[ ]

January Skinning Highlights..
Here is a sampling of cool skins and themes and icons and wallpapers that have come out recently..
   SkinPlant 2005
    Yellow Tab
    iCandy Jr Toolbar
   Azure Suite
    Alpha Galaxy
   DEMetal II Evolution V15 Black edition
   Glassy Calculator
    Keepie Ups DX
   SkinPlant 2005
    SkinPlant 2005
   SkinPlant 2005
    Fly OS
   Thunder Storm

WindowBlinds 4.5 Preview..
After months of work, the next significant version of WindowBlinds is nearly ready for release - version 4.5 which has a host of cool new features that should make skinners and users alike pleased.

Check out the full article to get a fairly detailed wrap up and a quick demo of some of the new features in action.

 [WindowBlinds 4.5 Preview]

Personal Pages: Where's yours?
One of the big new features of WinCustomize 2005 is that subscribers and Object Desktop users can now create personal pages.

These pages allow you to write articles, store your favorite skins and themes made by others, manage your skins and themes you've made, and much more!

If you don't have Object Desktop get it at Or you can get a WinCustomize Premium subscription by going HERE.

In the meantime, check out the personal pages:

[Personal Pages on WinCustomize]

Some Top Lists of 2004
You know how people are always putting together various funny lists from the previous years? Well here are some we found...

Top 100 things we didn't know a year ago.

The Knucklehead awards

Funiest political quotes

Top 50 Search terms of 2004

Top 20 gaming lows of last year

2004's dumbest criminals

Weirdest stories of 2004

2004 Darwin Awards

Worst Reporting awards

Have fun!

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