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"Fences 4 adds a new "Peek" feature, but its greatest talent is simply organizing your desktop icons."

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"The biggest new feature in Fences 4 is called Peek, and it's actually incredibly useful."

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"I really like is that you can roll up the mini-windows, effectively giving you quick access to your icons while keeping your desktop tidy."


Work Efficiently and Stay Organized

Keep your desktop and workflows organized with Fences, an application that intelligently groups files, apps, and folders into shaded areas on your desktop for improved productivity; never lose a file again to a messy desktop.


Make Every Desktop Feel Familiar

Fences’ unique ability to organize content means you can standardize how the desktop organizes files, apps, and icons so that every user knows exactly where to find their content. With Fences, your users will spend less searching File Explorer and more time being productive.


Powerful Automation Made Simple

With automated rules, Fences can programmatically sort files on the desktop into pre-determined fences. Move all PDFs into a specific fence to help keep track of invoices, have Excel documents sorted to a specific region to avoid accidental data leakage, or have your Downloads folder mirrored to the desktop to improve user workflows.


Tools for Fleet Management

Fences is used by thousands of organizations every day and with our advanced configurations for silent installs and deployments with tools like ManageEngine, it’s easy to bring Fences to your users. We also have options for single-key activation to make managing your deployment even easier.

System Requirements

Windows 11/10