Create Custom Hotkeys With Keyboard Launchpad™

Create keyboard short-cuts for fast navigation to programs, URL's and files, or automate entry of frequent responses.

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Automate input

Reduce frequent, complex, or lengthy responses to a single keystroke that instantly enters pre-defined text or images.

Save time

Launch programs and web pages, enter frequently used responses, and open folders, all without your hands leaving the keyboard.

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Reduce mistakes

When accuracy matters, Keyboard Launchpad ensures detailed responses and instructions sent to clients and users are consistent, standardized, and error free.

Central management

When content needs to change, you can quickly and easily update Keyboard Launchpad hotkey definitions across the entire network.

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Keyboard Launchpad hotkeys are available at all times and are compatible with all other system activities and programs.

Custom plug-ins

Using the included open plug-in, you can add hotkey support that's specific to an individual program. This allows custom commands to be sent to an active program, even if it is not the one you're currently working on.

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System Requirements

  • Windows® 10/8/7 XP(32-bit)
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