Control Multiple Computers
With Multiplicity™

Control up to nine computers with a single keyboard and mouse, and seamlessly move files from one computer to another.

Seamlessly Connect

Eliminate Extra Keyboards

Multiplicity gives you the ability to control and quickly switch between multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse, reducing complexity and freeing up desk space for more efficient uses.

Send Keyboard Inputs to All Computers

Press CTRL three times and Multiplicity starts sending all keyboard input to all connected PCs. Multiplicity also enables you to lock all of your PCs at once.

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Remotely Control

Bring PCs to you

Multiplicity uses the PC network or a VPN connection to enable your local PC to control remote PCs. The remote PCs are not required to have an attached monitor, keyboard or mouse and can be virtual machines.

Monitor and wake

Monitor remote PCs with active thumbnails so you know what they are doing at all times or set the thumbnails to hide when not needed. Multiplicity also supports wake-on-LAN for starting remote PCs when you are not present.

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Transfer Files and Sound

Transfer Data Between Your PCs

Copy and paste any content between your PCs. Multiplicity even retains text formatting. Multiplicity also supports drag and drop (seamless) and copy/paste of files and folders between your machines for quick transfers. Large files like videos and images are transferred quickly between PCs.

Centralized Audio

Centralize audio from all of your PCs to a single PC ensure you never miss an email, chat or stock price alert. This capability is perfect for financial asset trading environments and call centers.

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Used with Other Solutions

"You may be familiar with traditional KVM hardware, but Multiplicity eliminates the need for any cables or extra KVM switches." - View Full Article

Susan Perez
Content Marketing Manager  |  BrightGauge

Financial Services

"Time is money. Virtual KVM saves time. We went from a handful of traders using Multiplicity to a few hundred, now we have over 500 people using it globally."

Matthew Misciagna
VP / IT Manager  |  Bank of America / Merrill Lynch

Development and Engineering

"Multiplicity made it easy to drag and drop files from one PC to buys me back a full work day every month. That is huge!"

Jackson Presley
Celebrity Web Designer  |  PostIdol Media

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"I've been using Multiplicity in my home office to control my 3 PCs and so far it's been flawless. Best purchase I've made all year! I had used a hardware-based KVM for years, so this solution was a real space and time saver."

Dave Kenney

Industry Analyst

"Hardware virtualization increases efficiency and reduces costs. Virtual KVM is a good example."

Dr. Mike Jude, PhD.
Program Manager / Analyst  |  Stratecast, Frost & Sullivan

System Requirements

Windows® Compatibility KM Seamless Mode KVM Mode Centralized Audio
Primary PC Secondary PC Primary PC Secondary PC
Windows 10, 8 and 7 32-bit and 64-bit X X X X X
Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit X X   X X
Windows XP 32-bit only X X      
Windows Server 2003 R2 X X     X
Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 X X   X X
Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 X X   X X
Network Connection WIFI / LAN / WAN / VPN WIFI / LAN / WAN / VPN WIFI / LAN / WAN
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