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GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #59 - New Terran Ships

There’s a new update incoming for Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova and with it we’ve got some really cool new ship models to show you for the two human civilizations in the game: the Terran Alliance and the Terran Resistance. Taking a quick peek at the Galactic Civilizations IV Metaverse game statistics page, the Terran Alliance and Terran Resistance are the most popular Core Civilizations in GalCiv4, although the AlienGPT custom civ system currently draws the most players of all! Eve... [read more]

5/21/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

NOW OUT: The Presidential Pioneers v1.01 Update for The Political Machine 2024

The Presidential Pioneers v1.01 Update brings New Candidates, Mac Support, and Game Quality Improvements Today we released a significant update for their strategy game, The Political Machine 2024. This update introduces an array of past presidential candidates, extends compatibility to macOS, and implements various bug fixes and balance adjustments. Buy Now   |  View Changelog New Faces in the Political Arena The latest update enriches the game's roster with ... [read more]

5/16/2024 By redskittlesonly in Political Machine News

Sins II: Dev Journal 14 - A Post Mortem Playthrough Adventure

A number of fans have asked us about how Sins II plays, both from a new and returning user perspective. This past weekend, we played a 10-player dev FFA bout where I took the role of a TEC loyalist empire. Let’s walk through how things went! As a TEC player, I start the game with a home planet, large and small ship factories, and a Refit Bay. I also get two scout corvettes which automatically set out to reveal my surrounding area. As with Sins: Rebellion, my first capital ship is free, so ... [read more]

5/15/2024 By Yarlen in Sins II Dev Journals

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #58 - Doctrine: Targeting Priority

Since v2.5 “Ares” and the Warlords expansion were released, we’ve put out a short series of developer journals describing the new features added to the war system in Galactic Civilization IV: Supernova. Today we’ll look at the last component of the Doctrine system we’ve not covered yet, Targeting Priority. I’m aware that I’ve already indirectly discussed this feature three or four times over since the updates landed, as it’s a core component of the new Ship Class and Doctrine mechanics... [read more]

5/14/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

Video Blog: History of Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire exploded onto the real-time strategy scene in 2008 and wowed genre enthusiasts with its seamless blend of RTS and 4X gameplay, amazing graphics and deep strategy. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is still well loved today with thriving modding and multiplayer scenes. Now, Ironclad Games and Stardock return with Sins of a Solar Empire II, a long awaited and much anticipated sequel to the hit series. With all new strategic and tactical gameplay elements, reworked mec... [read more]

5/8/2024 By redskittlesonly in Sins II Dev Journals

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #57 - Doctrine: Operational Abilities

As we’ve seen in the past couple of developer journals, Ship Classes in Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova consist of a Ship Type plus a Doctrine. I’ll summarise it again in case you didn’t read those. The Ship Type is a kind of model organised around its hull size and suggested combat role: for example, a Cruiser is a medium hull-sized Type and has an inherent bonus of +10% Weapon Range, as opposed to the Destroyer, the new medium hull-sized Type added in Warlords with its -10% Weapon ... [read more]

5/7/2024 By BATTLEMODE in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

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