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The Video Game Machine

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Make, play, and share unique video games that you've made yourself! The Video Game Machine is a sandbox game that removes the tricky parts of development and leaves only the fun, putting the power of creativity in YOUR hands.

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Latest News

The Video Game Machine : Alpha 1A Update!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

   We've updated The Video Game Machine: Alpha1 with several player requests and bug fixes. Thanks again to everyone that has been playing and giving feedback - the more we hear from you, the more player suggestions we can implement! Get the latest build of VGM today from your MY DOWNLOADS page. Check out the changelog below to see everything we've added! DOWNLOAD NOW  The Video Game Machine: Alpha 1A Change Log - Improvements - + Added a [Delete] button... [read more]

It's Time to Make, Play and Share with THE VIDEO GAME MACHINE!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Greetings, fellow designers! Thank you for your interest in The Video Game Machine. If you're anything like me, you've spent your gaming years both engrossed in games and overflowing with game ideas of your own. If that sounds like you, then you're in the right place! A quick bit about myself: my name is Scott Tykoski, the local Mad Scientist at Stardock Entertainment. I've been working here for 19 years now, and for the last 4 of that, my colleagues and I have been messing around with ... [read more]

All About Gizmos

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One of the most powerful tools in the Video Game Machine is the GIZMO tool. With Gizmos, you can bring your levels to life in unique and interactive ways. The Basics While the main building block of your level is the 'block' (no surprise there), gizmos will take those blocks and do interesting things to them. Simply select the Gizmo tool on the left hand side of the Level Editor (the Gear Button) to show the list of available options. Most gizmos can also have a 'Target'. When a gi... [read more]

Game Features

Make a Game

The possibilities are endless! Choose from a massive selection of heroes, enemies, special items, and more! In the game editor, customize your levels with unique terrain and interesting landmarks. Build worlds, place enemies, hide items, write dialogue, and set rules to personalize the gameplay details.

Play Your Game

Once you’ve chosen the elements of your game, it's time to play it! Have fun exploring your creation, then hop back into edit mode when inspiration strikes. By blurring the lines between making and playing, creating a game has never been easier!

Share with Others

Upload the games you’ve created and share them with the community! You’ll be able to see what other players have come up with and download the games they’ve made as well.

\ \ \ \    How Do I Make My Game?    / / / /

Choose Your Characters

Select the hero of your game from several provided options, including knights, superheroes, ninjas, cats, unicorns, vegetables, and much more! Heroes need foes to fight, so select some enemies from the editing menu, place an advancing army, and let the battle for the fate of the world begin.

Pick a Genre

Start with a blank slate or build from a sample game based on the genre of your choosing! You can create an exciting side-scrolling adventure, blast enemies off the screen in classic shoot 'em up, or set off on an epic adventure filled with of secrets, lore, and loot.

Establish Your Rules

Decide how your game will play by determining specific sets of rules! Choose how many levels your game will have, how enemies will behave, how the camera will follow the player, and more.