Uh-oh, does this mean I’m no longer a newbie?

Not at all! In fact, the very fact that I would refer to it as “advanced” is proof positive that I am still a newbie and, let’s face, always will be.

Did you know you could skin your computer on a per application basis? Well, neither did I until someone pointed it out to me. Assuming you don’t have someone to point it out to you either, I will have to substitute. Here’s what you do:

Open WindowBlinds.

Format your hard drive. Just Kidding!!!

On the left hand side, under setting you will see one that says “Per Application”. After that I’m lost and I have to go get technical support from someone in the office. 


Click on “Add per application setting”. Navigate to your program files on the C drive. Now be careful here. Do not attempt to delete any of these applications or any other crazy thing that might pop into your head. You are only here to select an application.



Here’s an application that I use fairly often: MS Publisher. Ok, I’m not proud; I DO use it. I’m going to tell it to always use the AG by Pallet skin instead of whatever skin I’m running. Why? Because I feel like it. Why do we customize or skin anything? Because we FEEL like it, that’s why!


Click on "open" - it won't actually open the program; WindowBlinds will merely know that this is the program you want skinned differently than the rest. Below is the screen that comes up once you click "open". Note the application name at the top. Also, it currently is set to use the "default skin" - whatever skin you are running at the moment. Click on the button that says "Select skin" to change that.



Clicking on "Select skin" will take you to the skins you have on your computer. Simply pick the one you want and say "OK". You can see now that in the "Per Application Settings" dialog box it says that the new skin is "Ag".



Click on "Ok" in the "Per Application Settings" dialog box. Now you see that MS Publisher is specified as the only program I currently have set to a different skin than the default.



Now open the program that you had selected to have changed. Walla! Or, for you fancy types; “voila”! See? SEE? Somehow, through my creative genius, I was able to master the secrets of the universe and harness the power of the divine and change the skin for this ONE program!!

Alternatively, a trained monkey could learn how to do this. It’s pretty easy, but I prefer to see life through my own rose tinted glasses.

Have a different skin for each application and make your friends jealous!

Daily Hint for the Newb: Changing your socks daily prevents foot fungus.

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Skin I'm running today: Vector Cell by 'b0se'