Stardock Announces Object Desktop 2.0 for OS/2
Stardock paves way for the next generation of its advanced desktop environment

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Thursday, May 28, 1998

Contact: Alexander Antoniades
Stardock Systems, Inc.
(734) 762-0687
Atlanta GA – Stardock Systems, Inc. Announced Object Desktop 2.0 today at E3. The previous version of the advanced OS/2 desktop environment is the most popular third party OS/2 product ever created for OS/2. Previously sold as Object Desktop 1.5 Standard and Professional editions, Object Desktop 2.0 will merge the features of both editions into Object Desktop 2.0.

"With the changing OS/2 market, we decided the time was right to put our focus purely on power users and corporate desktops." Said Brad Wardell, President of Stardock Systems, Inc.

The new version boasts a completely new look over its predecessor, greatly improved performance, and increased compatibility with OS/2 Warp 4. Stardock has also added in features and improvements suggested by OS/2 users during the time between Object Desktop 1.5’s release and today. New features include a revamped Control Center that includes "lay outs" for setting up virtual desktops, real-time internet performance monitoring capabilities, virtual desktop start up features (allowing users to launch a program into a particular virtual desktop). The Enhanced folder has also received some new features including a tool bar to bring OS/2’s GUI features up and beyond what is expected to be available on Windows NT 5.

"OS/2’s user interface is still state of the art but there were a few areas where the upcoming NT 5 that would have given NT some user interface advantages. With Object Desktop 2.0, we’ve nipped that in the bud and OS/2 will continue to have the world’s most advanced GUI," Said Wardell.

Object Desktop 2.0 is the result of almost two years of effort by Stardock’s OS/2 development team and the culmination of Stardock’s advanced user interface technologies.

A full look at the features of Object Desktop 2.0 can be found at Stardock’s website Object Desktop 2.0 will list for $99.95. The upgrade price for users of Object Desktop will be $69.95 and the upgrade price from Object Desktop Professional will be $39.

An early experience program will be available starting at the end of June for users who want to have input on the upcoming new version. Only users of Object Desktop Professional since the early experience version will only work on systems with Object Desktop Professional already installed. The early experience program costs $35 to join and includes a final version of Object Desktop 2.0 when it arrives.

Stardock expects to begin shipping Object Desktop 2.0 in early August. Users can pre-order it or join the early experience program by visiting and clicking on the Object Desktop 2.0 link.

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Object Desktop 2.0 for OS/2

Requires OS/2 3.0 or later

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