Object Desktop v1.5 Begins Shipping

Stardock's first major update to best-selling OS/2 environment now integrates into internet, distributes desktops, improves performance and more!

For Immediate Release

Thursday, May 02, 1996

Contact: Brad Wardell
Stardock Systems, Inc.
734-762-0687 (e-mail: bwardell@stardock.com)

CANTON, MI Stardock Systems, Inc., is set to release the first major revision of its best-selling Object Desktop, a powerful desktop environment for OS/2 2.11 or later. The new Version 1.5 incorporates enhancements that enable users to seamlessly backup and restore Workplace Shell objects, replicate entire desktops for distribution to coworkers or across an enterprise, integrate Internet Web sites and e-mail operations with the desktop, monitor laptop battery power and much more.

"We have worked to make Object Desktop a must-have product for OS/2 users," said Brad Wardell, President of Stardock Systems. "For this version, we enlarged our original development team to include former IBM Workplace Shell developers, and the new team addressed the Workplace Shell's performance and compatibility as well as new features requested by corporate and SOHO users."

One impressive new feature is Object Package, a new type of Workplace Shell container that stores any object type along with it's custom properties, including tailored icons, folder background changes, view types and program and printer settings. This makes it easy to backup the desktop, share files and objects with other users and quickly clone entire desktops across an enterprise. Standard reports, such as INI.RC files, REXX scripts and hierarchical reports, can also be generated directly from the package file.

The new Stardock Internet Shell lets users easily visit internet Web sites, send an e-mail or perform other Internet operations with a simple double-click on any Internet object, making it easy and convenient to explore the Internet. The product comes loaded with hundreds of built-in Internet objects ranging from software vendors to music, government and trade publications, and it also permits users to add their own with a simple drag-and-drop operation.

Performance has also been increased across the entire system with upgrades that permit faster opening of folders, faster object browsing and batch archive operations.

Other advanced features include:

Object Navigator: This industrial-strength file manager has been enhanced to make it easier to copy files between drives, select files via attributes (e.g. *.txt), create new folders, filter objects, select objects, etc. Object Navigator also now enables users to specify multiple drives and directories as root folders on the Tree pane.

Enhanced Folder: each Workplace Shell folder is given a status bar that summarizes the number of objects stored in the folder, as well as how many objects are selected along with their size. "Browse Mode" eliminates desktop window clutter by displaying a subfolder's content inside the original parent window, then making it possible to browse backward to the original folder with one click. A new Rollup button also helps reduce desktop clutter by permitting users to "roll up" windows by displaying just the titlebar.

Object Archives: The new Object Archive feature makes it easier to work with files within compressed archives by transforming archived ZIP, LZH and ARC files into enhanced folder-like objects for instant access. For example, users can now place all graphics files into one ZIP file called "Graphics.zip," then open it like a folder and doubleclick on the file they want to load.

Control Center: This feature manages multiple desktops, monitors system's resources and launches program and browse folders. A new battery monitor enables mobile users can to track battery level. Another new feature makes it possible to map off part of the screen so the Control Center is always visible to the user. Finally, a feature called "auto-hide" makes the whole Control Center disappear when it is not needed.

HyperCache: This feature lets users cache frequently used folders, then opens them instantly after bootup for rapid access. The related HyperDrive feature speeds presentation of folder content after opening by streamlining the usually lengthy process of file attribute searching.

Object Desktop 1.5 is now shipping. Users who purchased Object Desktop v1.0 after April 1 can upgrade to v1.5 free of charge. Upgrade price for other v1.0 users is $37.00. Stardock will continue to support v1.0 until the end of the year with technical support and "Fixkits".

The product is available direct from Stardock Systems at 734-762-0687 or via e-mail at sales@stardock.com. For more information, visit the company's World Wide Web site at http://www.stardock.com. Visit Stardock's Compuserve forum (GO STARDOCK) to learn the latest news on Stardock's products.

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