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NOW AVAILABLE - Star Control: Origins v1.62!

Article posted on 2/7/2023

Star Control: Origins v1.62 Update Addresses
Crash Reports and Updates Balance
For full details, see the changelog!

In a galaxy as vast and varied as the one in Star Control: Origins, we can't always see everything. That's why we appreciate whenever our incredible community shares their crash reports with us! We do our best to get into the game quickly and fix the problems so that we can ensure your experience protecting the galaxy is a fun one.

In v1.62, we address some issues that caused some strange crashes, including one that would trigger when your lander was destroyed while carrying cargo, or one that occured when you enter certain systems after 10 or so minutes of playing.

While we were working on things, we discovered that the Commander went missing from our German, Russian, and Chinese versions of the game - whoops! - so we made sure to get her back in there. Who else are you going to turn to for advice when things get dicey? Well, we suppose there's always Wymdoo...

Check out the changelog at the bottom of the post for full details on the update. Thanks for sending in your reports - we appreciate all your help in making Star Control: Origins the best game it can be.

Star Control: Origins v1.62 Changelog


  • Fixes a crash if your lander gets destroyed when it has cargo
  • Fixes a crash that happens on some systems after 10 min of playing
  • Fixed graphic corruption when loading a game form within a game
  • Fixed a crash when exiting planets
  • (1.62) Fixed an issue where the commander didn't show up in German
  • (1.62) Fixed an issue where the commander didn't show up in Russian
  • (1.62) Fixed an issue where the commander didn't show up in Chinese


  • (1.62) Sped up the Earthing ship when in a solar system
  • (1.62) Fixed the turn radius in hyperspace