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Stardock News & Announcements

New Ashampoo System Utilities 20 Now Available

All good things go by three! Get it Now     Ashampoo System Utilities 20 Includes: WinOptimizer 18 for a slim, fast & secure Windows!   UnInstaller 9 to remove unwanted programs completely!   Driver Update for optimal performance!   Get it Now

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Curtains v1.1 Beta 2 Now Available

Curtains v1.1 is coming very soon. We're working hard to make sure it's in top shape for release. Check out the changelog below and feel free to join in on the feedback chain here. Changelog for Curtains 1.1 Beta 2 Open Shell issue with explorer blur...

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Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation - August 2020

New Patch This month we have been at work on some re-balancing, graphical improvements, and minor bug fixes in the v2.93 patch for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. This patch is still a work in progress and we are keeping it in the oven until we think it is ready. The Patch notes (not...

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Cosmic Chaos – 22nd August 2020

Time: 22nd August, 1600 UTC / 12 PM (1200) EST Lobby Name: Cosmic Chaos Slots: 6-10 Type: PVP / PVE This weekend we are playing some simple, plain, unmodded Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Our games will be started at the listed time, but will open the lobby a few minutes before...

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Start10 v1.95 Released

What's New in v1.95: Some UI changes to account for Stardock Curtains Addresses missing control panel search entries on Windows build 2004 Fix to avoid crash issue with newer Curtains...

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May 2015

Dev Stream (Friday, May 29th) at 3pm EDT, Noon Pacific Galactic Civilizations III v1.02 Opt-in Available GameWatcher GalCiv 3 Elite Founder Key Giveaway Eurogamer Recommends Galactic Civilizations III in their Review PC Gamer Gives Galactic Civilizations III an 87/100! Dev Stream (Friday, May 22nd) at 3pm EDT, Noon Pacific Polygon Talks to Stardock's Paul Boyer about Galactic Civilizations III Galactic Civilizations III v1.01 Available Galactic Civilizations III v1.01 Opt-in Available Stardock's Derek Paxton on Modding in Today's GalCiv 3 Livestream PCGamesN Gives Galactic Civilizations III a 9/10! Game Informer Gives GalCiv 3 an 8.75/10 and a Silver Award! Livestream Today at 3pm ET: Lead Designer Paul Boyer and Giveaways! Galactic Civilizations III Review from The Escapist Galactic Civilizations III Released! eXplorminate Review of Galactic Civilizations III Softpedia gives GalCiv III 9/10! Rock, Paper, Shotgun on Galactic Civilizations III GameWatcher Reviews Galactic Civilizations III. Gives a 9.0! GalCiv 3 Livestream Today: 3pm with Angry Joe and 5pm with Brad Wardell GamesBeat Preview of Galactic Civilizations III IGN Exclusive: Galactic Civilizations III Launch Trailer Exclusive: Galactic Civilizations III Campaign Intro Niche Gamer Interview with Stardock's Paul Boyer on Creating GalCiv 3 Livestream at 3pm ET Today: Brad Joins the Stream! PC Gamer's Show Us Your Rig Features Stardock's Paul Boyer Exclusive Launch Weekend Ship Parts Coming Today at 3pm ET: GalCiv 3 Livestream with SlippingSand Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6.2 Available GalCiv III Official Wiki Open for Business! eXplorminate4x Streaming GalCiv 3 Today at 3pm with Giveaways! Offworld Trading Company - 25% off all weekend! 3pm ET Today: Quill18 Streams GC3 With Giveaways! Lead Designer Paul Boyer Talks to PCGamesN about Galactic Civilizations III Dev Stream (Friday, May 8th) at 3pm EDT, Noon Pacific GameWatcher Interview with Lead Designer Paul Boyer Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6.2 Opt-in Available Psiyon Wins Faction Contest! Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6.1 Available Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6.1 Opt-in Available Voting Open For $1,000 Faction Design Contest Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6 Now Available GamingBolt Interview with Stardock's Brad Wardell Dev Stream (Friday, May 1st) at 3pm EDT, Noon Pacific