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Take Control of your OS/2 System!
*** Welcome to the Process Commander Homepage ***

Read the latest news about PC here. We hope you enjoy surfing through our Process Commander pages. 

Please note that due to changes in OS/2 Warp 4 FixPak 12, Process Commander will only function on systems prior to that level of service. 


Stardock and the developers of WatchCat teamed up to create Process Commander, a "must have" utility for every OS/2 Warp user. Process Commander is a software package developed for OS/2 Warp to:
* improve system stability
* recover from hangs
* manage processes
* monitor system activities
* simplify OS/2 usage

Process Commander provides a set of PM and command line utilities that are useful for every OS/2 user. The current version is 1.01 (including FixKit 1).
Please refer to our product information for more information about Process Commander. If you have more questions please refer to our product FAQ or contact Stardock.

Release DateNovember 25, 1996
RequiresOS/2 Warp 3.0 or Warp 4.0 (Merlin)
i486, Pentium or faster processor
8 MB of RAM
4 MB free disk space

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What's new?

Process Commander is no longer available due to changes with OS/2 Warp 4 at FixPak 12. [February 2000]
Update: FixKit 1 available [January 6, 1997]
HowTo: Beeping Assistant and Master Setup [February 1, 1997]
HowTo: SYS3170 on Shutdown [February 1, 1997]
Article: Why even Warp v4 can hang... [December 10, 1996]

(Note: It is highly recommended to uninstall Process Commander before installing any OS2 FixPack!)

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Interesting Articles

Announcement: Process Commander!
Article: Product Information
Article: Why Every OS/2 User Needs Process Commander
Article: Top Ten Reasons to get Process Commander today!
Article: Why even Warp v4 can hang...

(Note: It is highly recommended to uninstall Process Commander before installing any OS2 FixPack!)

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