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This is the officially supported HowTo-reference (questions, problems, tips for PC users) for Process Commander by Stardock Systems.

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Last modified on: June 22, 1997

HowTo - Chapters

*Hotkeys and Activation
*Process Commander Textmode
*Power Tools
*Master Setup
*Process Commander PM
*Killing with Process Commander
*Trouble Shooting and critics

HowTo - Contents

-I cannot install successfully to the directory "Process Commander"
-The PC folder is simply empty
-The PC folder is in error.
-When creating/deleting icons during installation the installation stops.
-I noticed a number of *.ico files in the pc\tmp directory. Should they have been deleted by the install?
-The system does not boot
-A message like "PCEAPI->DOSCALL1.OldDosSetPriority" cannot be loaded appears
-The caching is disabled.
-Something is beeping during the system boot.
-PC does not work correctly with a Matrox graphics adapter updated
-CM/2 (or a different program) gets a SYS3175 in one of its DLL.
-How do I install the OS/2 FixPak correctly? new
-Deinstalling PC does not remove PC from the config.sys. new
-How can I deinstall Process Commander by hand?
*Hotkeys and Activation
-Ctrl-Alt-Del beeps but does not activate PC.
-Ctrl-Alt-Del neither beeps nor activates PC
-When I activate Process Commander the screen switches to textmode but shows only "garbage" on the monitor.
-Ctrl-Alt-P does not work when the system is hanging
-The hotkeys for EShell and Invisible Control do nothing.
-How can I disable a hotkey in the Master Setup?
-How can I reboot when PC cannot be activated?
*Process Commander Textmode
-Process Commander can be activated but there is no program listed which I can kill!
-When a shell is started from PC, the first character is not accepted.
-The mouse is not working correctly
*Power Tools
-Some of the tools (kill, ps) do not support the parameters advertised.
-How do I use the NumLock feature? updated
-The program shutdown.exe is not working as it is explained in the manual.
-How can I avoid that shutdown.exe is restarted on the next boot? new
-How can I avoid that shutdown.exe closes itself first? new
*Master Setup
-How can I disable a hotkey in the Master Setup?
-The Master Setup is beeping twice when it is opened.
*Process Commander PM
-Warp 4 does not show the new Warp 4 notebook on the right side.
-PCPM cannot be started.
*Killing with Process Commander
-Posting WM_QUIT does not seem to be very effective.
-Can Process Commander kill any OS/2 program?
-What are the different program termination methods, what exactly do they do, and when should they be used?
-After killing a process there is a "black hole" on the screen.
-What is that new "Assistant kill"?
-The shutdown folder was created but has no objects in it, is this normal?
-Shutdown is not completed
-Using Shutdown from Object Desktop or Warp Center does not differentiate between Quick Shutdown and Enhanced Shutdown.
-What are the different PC Shutdowns?
-During shut down several "SYS3170" occur. updated
-I think one of my programs is incompatible with Process Commander.
-SpellGuard does not work any longer. new
-Some of my processes have no/wrong descriptions. How can I add my own descriptions?
-I made descriptions for all my programs. Are you interested in my work?
-Why do I have to rename the pcframe.bak by hand to pcframe.dll?
*Trouble Shooting and critics
-My system is unstable. What can I do?
-I want to write an email to Stardock. How can I make the communication more effective?
-How can I help myself?
-Isolating a problem top-down
-Isolating a problem bottom-up
-What can I do if I still have problems with Process Commander?
-Where can I send my remarks, suggestions and ideas for Process Commander?

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