You weren't even aware that the mysterious and famous billionare Mr. O'Hara was your uncle until you received a surprise letter from him inviting you to his island retreat.

When you arrive, you are not alone, you and a number of other guests who are referred to as "contestants" soon discover that your uncle is missing.  Rumors abound that your uncle has hidden millions of dollars in rare jewels somewhere in his vast mansion.  But a deeper mystery surrounds his disappearance and his house seems to be hiding a much more sinister secret.

Now you must discover what happened to your uncle and what his plans were.  The fate of the entire world may hang in the balance.

Avarice is arguably the most advanced adventure game ever developed for the PC on any platform.  While similar to Myst and Riven in basic user interface, Avarice uses the built in power of OS/2 to create a truly dynamic world.  Everything in the Avarice world can be touched and manipulated.  More than just an adventure/mystery game, Avarice's goal is to make the player feel immersed in its game world.  The library is a real library with real books that can be read from cover to cover.  Food can be picked up, broken apart, burned, cooked, eaten, etc.  The only limit in Avarice is your imagination!