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Appendix A: Installation of Free Version

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These instructions pertain to installing the free trial version of BootSkin Vista.

From the Stardock BootSkin Vista product page, click on the "Download" page (, then click on the "Download" link for "BootSkin Vista Download" and you will see the following dialog box:

File Download dialog box.

  • If you select Run, it will download the file to a temporary location on your computer, then it will start the installation. (After the install is completed, it will delete the file it downloaded.)
  • If you select Save, if will ask you for a location on your hard-drive to store it. Locate the desired folder and click Save (or Cancel to abort). Then after the download completes, it will ask if you want to Run, Open Folder or Close. Select Run to install the application.

Download completed.

The first screen you will see after the install starts is the "Welcome to the Impulse Installation Wizard". Impulse is required to install BootSkin Vista, as this allows you to get updates and other information about products Stardock sells, including the full version of BootSkin Vista (part of the Object Desktop suite). Click the Next button to start the install. (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Welcome to Impulse installation of BootSkin Vista.

The next screen you will see is the License Agreement (also known as the End User License Agreement (EULA)) which you must agree to install this software. Use the vertical scroll bar to view the entire license agreement. Check the box next to "I accept the terms of the license agreement", then click Next. (Click Back to view the previous screen. Click Cancel or X to abort the install.)

End User License Agreement

The next screen in the install wizard is for the Target Folder (or path) where Impulse will install files to for both Impulse & BootSkin Vista. (You may change the default folder to something else by clicking the Change button and locating the desired folder.) On the Target Folder screen, click Next to continue. (Click Back to view the previous screen. Click Cancel or X to abort the install.)

Installation path.

You will then see a progress bar displaying the status of the installation of the files to your computer. (Click Cancel or X to abort the install.)

Progress bar showing progress of the install.

If you receive the following prompt asking "Impulse running as Administrator" with a "Yes" or "No" answer. It is strongly recommended that you click "Yes" (run as non-Administrator).

Impulse running as Administrator.

The install will then continue with the progress bar:

Progress of installation continues.

When the install is complete, you will see the following screen:

Installation completed.

By default, the box is checked next to "Run BootSkin now", uncheck it if you do not want to run it at this time. Otherwise, click Finish and BootSkin Vista will run. At this point, you can refer to the directions earlier in this manual on how to use BootSkin Vista.

Note: The free trial version allows you to apply bootskins, however you cannot create your own. You must purchase Object Desktop or Object Desktop Ultimate which includes the full version of BootSkin Vista to create your own BootSkins from graphic image files.

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