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Appendix B: FAQ


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a BootSkin (boot screen) & where do I see it when Windows starts?

By default, when you turn on your computer (or restart it) and Windows Vista starts to load, the first thing you see is the boot screen which is a black screen with a progress bar. This is what BootSkin Vista can change to a BootSkin (boot screen) of your choice.

How large are BootSkins?

The image used to create a BootSkin (.bootskin) cannot exceed 10 MB (10,000 KB) is size. The file type can be PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF or BMP. The best quality is PNG or JPG/JPEG. If you are creating your own BootSkin from an image file that exceeds 10 MB, if it is in the JPG/JPEG file type, you can use a graphic program to compress the image down to a smaller size. The smaller the image file, the faster Windows loads it.

How is BootSkin Vista different from other programs?

Unlike other programs that can change the Windows boot screens, BootSkin Vista does so in a safe manner. It does not patch the Windows kernel. Nor does it require you to download replacement Windows kernels to do so.

Boot screens that use BootSkin Vista are typically under 20 KB compared to other boot screen programs whose files are over 2 MB (20,000 KB).

How can BootSkin Vista be used?

BootSkin Vista is free for non-commercial use.

What are the differences between BootSkin Vista (Free) & BootSkin Vista (Purchased)?

BootSkin Vista (Purchased version) does everything BootSkin Vista (Free version) does, except it also allows you to create your own BootSkins from image files.

Where can I get more BootSkins?

You can download hundreds of free BootSkins from WinCustomize at: These BootSkins were created by the skinning community to share with others.

How can I create a BootSkin?

To create a BootSkin you must have purchased Object Desktop which includes BootSkin Vista, then refer to the section in this guide: 4. Create a BootSkin.

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