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Create a BootSkin

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To create your own BootSkin, click on the "Create a BootSkin" tab. You will need to be connected to the internet as BootSkin Vista has to transfer your image to the Stardock server to be converted into the BootSkin Vista (.bootskin) file type format.

The "Title", "Author" and preview area will be blank when creating a BootSkin for the first time. Your "Email" should have been filled in from Impulse, along with your "Serial Number".

Creating your own BootSkin from an image file.

Free Trial Version

Note: If you are using the free trial version of BootSkin Vista, you will see the following screen. This gives you a link ( to click to view the product page in your web browser where you can get more information & purchase the full version of BootSkin Vista (a part of Object Desktop) which allows you to create your own BootSkins.

Free version of BootSkin Vista lacks ability to create BootSkins.

Creating a BootSkin

To create your own BootSkin, type in a "Title", and "Author" which can be your real name or an alias (i.e. Sly Fox). Usually people who share skins on use their alias from that site as the "Author". This way, as you create more skins for BootSkin Vista and/or other programs, you build a reputation of the quality of your work. WinCustomize recognizes skinners (people who create skins) by granting different levels of access ( based on your work and community involvement. WinCustomize is not the only skinning site on the internet, but is a great place to start. It gives you a lot of free skins to download, the ability to create your own & share with the community, talk with the community in forums, read tutorials, view links to other skinning sites and more.

The "Email" address associated with the "Serial Number" must match your account (i.e. Impulse,, used with Impulse or Object Desktop if you are a subscriber. Then click "Browse for Image" to locate the desired image file. The image must be in one of the following file type formats: PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP or GIF. PNG & JPG/JPEG give the best quality. Maximum file size is 10 MB (10,000 KB) and images are scaled (resized) to 1024x768 pixels and 24-bit color. After selecting the desired image file, click Open. (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Select an image to create a BootSkin with.

The image will then appear in the preview area. Then click "Create BootSkin" and you will see a status bar appear near the bottom of the BootSkin Vista window. Status messages will be displayed under the bar telling you what it is doing, such as: Uploading image, Upload complete! Downloading BootSkin, and Download Complete.

Status bar showing progress of the upload to Stardock.

If the "Email" address and/or "Serial Number" do not match your account or there was a typo in either, you will receive the following status message:

Status message - Invalid email/serial number - please verify.

If you get that message, verify that your Email address is correct, as you may have accidentally clicked into that field and erased or changed a character(s). If your email address has changed, you must change it through Impulse, not here. To verify your serial number, run Impulse and click the Help Help icon to get a list of your serial number(s). After correcting the problem, click "Create BootSkin" again. If you continue to have problems, go to the Stardock Support web site at: for help in resolving this issue.

After the upload is complete and it processes your image, it will download the new .bootskin file and keep you updated on the progress:

Status bar - Upload completed!  Downloading BootSkin.

After it says "Download complete!" you can click "Open Skins Folder" to view the BootSkin it stored on your computer. When done, click X to close the window.

Open Skins Folder.

To apply your new BootSkin, click on the "Load a BootSkin" tab, locate the BootSkin thumbnail, click on it, and then click "Apply This BootSkin". Then close BootSkin Vista by clicking X, and save any data in open applications. Close all applications, and restart Windows to view the new BootSkin on startup.

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