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With BootSkin Vista you can change the first screen you see when Windows loads, called a "boot screen" (BootSkin). BootSkin Vista includes a number of free BootSkins to get you started, after that you can downloads hundreds more from which is a great place to get more skins, get involved with the skinning community, and more.

When BootSkin Vista starts the first tab you see is "Load a BootSkin" which allows you to browse the installed BootSkins, see a preview, apply it, add more BootSkins, delete ones you no longer want and "View BootSkin Gallery" on the WinCustomize web site.

Load a BootSkin tab.

Clicking on the "Create a BootSkin" tab gives you the ability to create your own BootSkin from a graphic image file. This could include a favorite photo of the family, your kids, pet, favorite boss (impress the boss on your work computer :-) ) or other image. The sample BootSkins included with BootSkin Vista give you some idea of the kinds of images you could create, including original graphic art.

Create a BootSkin tab.

Note: You must have purchased BootSkin Vista either as a part of a subscription to Object Desktop Network (ODNT) or Object Desktop Ultimate . The free trial version does not allow you to create BootSkins. However, you can apply any of the hundreds of additional BootSkins available for download on

Clicking on the "About" tab displays important information about BootSkin Vista, including the version number (i.e. 1.02.043) and which OS (Operating System) you are using (i.e. 32 or 64 bit) which can help Support in case you have trouble with the program.

About tab.


If Impulse is also installed, a Check for Updates button will be visible which allows you to check for any new updates for BootSkin Vista or other installed software via Impulse. Clicking the Help icon in the upper, right corner of any tab while connected to the internet, will display this documentation (BootSkin Vista Guide) in your web browser.

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