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Known Issues:

B.U.G.S. for Windows 95/98/NT
Video related problems:
None known.
Sound related problems:
None known.
Sometimes older versions of B.U.G.S. will suddenly get unresponsive to keyboard and mouse events under Windows 95/98. This is due to Windows 95/98's poor multithreading capabilities.
Fixed with Version 1.55 of B.U.G.S. - please get the update from our download page.

B.U.G.S. for OS/2 Warp
Video related problems:
Matrox users (Millennium, Mystique and Millennium II) must disable EnDive in order to play PlusPak: B.U.G.S. - Matrox is working with us to find a solution.
On some S3 card systems sizing the PlusPak: B.U.G.S. window larger than the screen will cause an exception in DIVE.DLL (not all resolutions have this problem).
New S3 drivers may in time correct this problem.
On some Warp 3 systems PlusPak: B.U.G.S. may cause an exception in DIVE.DLL. The reason for this error is unknown, but it can be avoided if you restore it with the original DIVE.DLL the system shipped with.
Sound related problems:
ESS 1868 and ESS 688 users may experience stuttering sounds or no sounds at all. New drivers may in time correct this problem.
New drivers are available from the PlusPak: B.U.G.S. Download Page
GUS users should obtain the latest drivers from or
On some SoundBlaster systems old drivers may cause stuttering sounds. Please upgrade to the latest version of the drivers.
On IBM PC-350 and IBM PC-750 computers that use the internal speaker for sound effects the sounds will be delayed quite a bit!
None known.

Additional Support:

If you didn't find any info on your problem with B.U.G.S. (or the info wasn't able to solve your problem), please contact our Support Team.

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