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B.U.G.S. Version 1.56 is here!


B.U.G.S. V1.56 Demo (6 levels) 1.0MB

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About B.U.G.S.:
Game Idea
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Game Idea:

Each decade has brought us new challenges - Flower Power, Punk Rock or designer underwear: We've survived and defeated them all and finally sent them back to where they belong. But now our oddest nightmares are coming true - a new enemy is sending masses of invaders to infect our computers, palmtops, dish washers and even some of the coffee-percolators!

The only way to prepare for the final battle is to live abstinent (OK, this one isn't _that_ necessary), think fast, practice hard and - of course - use the appropriate training tool. Therefore, we at Cramon Utilities decided to create one of the best training devices ever designed, which (as a side effect) is also:

The Ultimate Arcade Game for Windows.

So: Fasten your seat belts and blast your way through the hordes of mutant bugs, spiders and other nasty creatures in this original fast-paced galaga style arcade game. Dazzling graphics and explosive sounds meet you as you pilot your lonely ship trying to free the galaxy from Bills Evil BUGS!


07/11/97 B.U.G.S for OS/2 Warp

B.U.G.S. was first released on IBMs OS/2 operating system and is one of the most popular OS/2 games available. Its very simplicity (and low price) have attracted many OS/2 gamers and even won it the coveted OS/2 game of the year runner up award (behind Links for OS/2) from OS/2 Inside magazine for 1998.

09/14/98 B.U.G.S for Windows

In 1998 we decided to do an Windows port of B.U.G.S. which had a different interface to meet the needs of the new platforms and its users. It has become our basic development platform now, but - of course - the OS/2 version will also be updated with the new graphics and some of the features that the Windows version receives.

5 Stars at SuperShareware Rated 5 Stars at SuperShareware

B.U.G.S. (for Windows) has been rated 5 Stars (maximum qualification) at the Super Shareware site.

Excerpt from their notification mail:
"[...] We are pleased to notify you that your application "B.U.G.S." have been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars. As a recognition to the high quality of "B.U.G.S." and the great work carried out in their development, you have been granted our greatest prize. [...]"

Vote for it at You like this game and want to tell the others about it? Now you can vote for B.U.G.S. at!

Excerpts from the review in OS/2 e-Zine!:

"...The game has many similarities to Galaga, but is far from a straight clone of the classic arcade game. It is well polished and plays well, and since there are 50 levels for each difficulty (and I still haven't quite managed to beat it on the easiest level), you are assured of hours of gameplay."

"...While there is room for improvement, I found PlusPak: B.U.G.S. to be quite fun. Everything is well polished, and the authors were quite responsive when I made suggestions or found any minor bugs. I look forward to more good things from the guys at Cramon Utilities."


Dazzling 256 color high resolution graphics using DirectDraw
Extensive use of DirectSound to ensure high sound quality (optional)
Joystick and keyboard control
Beautifully scrolling backgrounds
50 levels on three different difficulties
RANDOM LEVELS (really powerful) !!!

System Requirements:

Platform: Windows 95/98 or Windows NT
Video: DirectX-compatible video card running at 640x480 with 256 colors (or better)
Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card (optional)
(Minimum) : 486 DX2 66 MHz with 8 MB RAM
(Recommended): Pentium 100 MHz with 16 MB RAM

Screen shots:

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4
Intro Screen NEW! Online Help NEW! Bad Luck NEW! A Masterbug arrives NEW!
Screen 5
Screen 6
Screen 7
Screen 8
Another masterbug NEW! Level 49 NEW! Highscores Settings page


B.U.G.S. is available for $9.95 on the Stardock Commerce Server.

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