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Stardock SkinStudio
is the program that makes it a snap to create WindowBlinds skins. Stardock's SkinStudio is designed to make it easy for skin authors and skin users alike to create fantastic new looks for WindowBlinds and other programs. The initial version of SkinStudio only supports making skins for WindowBlinds. However, Stardock plans to support other skin formats such as ObjectBar, WinAmp 3, XP Visual Styles, and more.

With SkinStudio you can easily :

  • build your own skins in an easy to understand way
  • tweak hundreds of skins available on the Net, without need to know the UIS file format
  • make your favorite OS famous, by making another OS Skin,
  • one more time... amaze your friends!

You don't need to know even one single uis attribute - SkinStudio will describe them all for you.
Features a window preview that looks like it's live, but allows you to easily navigate through tons of code
Easy to understand Explorer like IDE (Integrated Development Environment) interface.

  The shareware version will let you make your own WindowBlinds skins, the enhanced registered version allows you to import pieces (controls, features) of other skins to help you create your own personalized skins. You are no longer limited with what the author put into the skin. The registered version also comes with a widget library of pre-created skinning parts to make it easy for casual users to piece together their own customized skin for their use. You can register it by buying it stand alone or getting Object Desktop.