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For the past 4 years, Stardock has been slowly turning out components for Object Desktop.  Object Desktop on OS/2 had a component called "Masters Setup Object".  From there, the user could control the rest of the Object Desktop components.
The lack of such a feature on the Windows version has often meant at times that Object Desktop felt like a collection of "goodies" thrown together without a central purpose.  The central purpose of Object Desktop has always been to allow users to transform their environment through a set of small components (objects so to speak).  But without a "master setup" object, some users would ask "Why don't you just have WindowBlinds be extended to do IE instead of making a new program?" or "Why don't you combine DesktopX and ObjectBar?"  The fact is, since all these components are part of a single product -- Object Desktop, they already are "combined".  The problem was the lack of a unified interface to control and change a single theme.
Finally, we are ready to put the first beta of Convergence up on Object Desktop. 
This first beta of Convergence comes in two parts:
The Convergence component itself and the shell integration portion.
The actual Convergence icon is designed for "power users" who want to create their own Convergence skin packs quickly.  The shell integration portion comes in the form of a new tab in the Display Properties dialog called "Skin Packs".  From there, you can apply your skin packs and save your currently *saved* skins that you're running as a Convergence Skin pack.
Down the line, we plan to extend it to where from the Convergence user interface you'll be able to apply skins, themes, and icons from a single dialog but that's down the road.
This first beta of Convergence supports the Stardock Object Desktop components as well as third party programs such as Winamp, MediaPlayer, ICQplus, NeXTStart (partially), WorkShelf(partially), Netscape 6 (partially), CursorEX, Wallpapers.  Others may be added depending on the difficulty of doing it



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