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To add an animated effect to your cursor, you must first apply a desired Cursor theme.  In this example, the CursorFX Default has been selected.

Clicking on the Effects menu item menu selection, displays the Effects. 

Here you can add an animated effect to your cursor, for each event (action) of the mouse.  One event is Left button down, this means when you press the left mouse button down, what effect do you want to see?  Likewise, when you release that button (Left button up), what effect do you want?  You can assign effects to any or all of the mouse events.  The Current effects list shows each event of the mouse and what, if any effect, is assigned to it. 


The Available effects are listed to the right, and you can scroll down the list to see all of them.  Each one shows the full animation effect and the name of it.

Adding an Effect to a Mouse Event

To add an effect to the Left button down, first click on it to select it (it will turn orange) if not already selected.

Left button down

For this example, we will use Blue explosion.  So under the Available list, click on the desired effect (Blue explosion) and click on it.  It will turn orange to show it's been selected.  Now click on the  Apply button on the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect.  Try clicking your left mouse button somewhere on your screen.  You will see an explosion as you press the button and release it.  Even if you hold the button down, the effect will be displayed then disappear.  If you click, release, move your mouse a little, click again and again, you will see multiple, tiny explosions on your screen! 

Blue explosion

Now, let's select a different effect for the Left button up event.  First, under Current effects click on Left button up.

Left button up

Under Available scroll down the list and click on Circular spin.  Then click the Apply button.

Circular spin

Move your cursor somewhere on your screen where you can see the effects.  Watch as you left click (see Blue explosion) and release the button (see Circular spin).


Now try clicking quickly several times.  Next try clicking slowly several times, to see the difference.  You will notice if you press and hold the button down, you will see the whole animation for Blue explosion.  Then releasing the button, you will see the Circular spin effect.  But when you click, then quickly release it, you will the two effects as though they are one.  If you click & release quickly while moving the mouse, you will see a series of tiny explosions and spins!

Cursor movement

If you want to remove an effect from one of your mouse events, under Current effects click on the event.

Left button Up

Now under Available click on None and click on Apply.


You will see that the effect has been removed from Left button up.

Left button up

Click and release your left button and you will see the effect is gone.