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DreamMaker (XP)


Stardock includes the free utility DreamMaker with DeskScapes or it can be downloaded separate from if you do not already have it installed. DreamMaker allows you to package up your own video into a .dream file for your own use, sharing with friends and family. It can also be uploaded to WinCustomize to share with the skinning community.

To run DreamMaker, click on Start, then All Programs, Stardock folder, click on the Object Desktop folder to open it and click on DreamMaker to run it.

DreamMaker on Start Menu.

DreamMaker consists of three tabs: Dream Information, Dream Contents, and Author Information. After completing the three tabs, clicking the Create Dream button packages everything up into a DeskScapes .dream file.

Dream Information

This tab asks for the "Dream Name" (title), "Dream Description", and a "Thumbnail Image" used to identify the dream. After typing in the first two, click on the Browse button to locate the thumbnail image using a Windows Explorer type window. It must be a .JPEG, .JPG or .PNG file format. It can not be any larger than 256x256 pixels. After locating the image, click on it, then click Open. (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Tip: A shortcut, is to double-click on the image and it will select & close the Explorer window.

Dream Information tab.

Dream Contents

Next, click on the "Dream Contents" tab to add the video file(s) to your dream. You can either select a "Single Video File" or multiple "Triggered Video" files. Triggered video files include one or more files, where each is triggered to load at a given time of the day by using the computers clock. "Dynamic Content" is only created by Stardock Design in creating Dynamic Dreams which require programming.

Single Video File

Click on this option (if not already selected) to add one video file, then click the Browse button to locate the file you want to use. The file must be in one of the following video formats: .MPEG, .MPG, .WMV or .AVI. After locating & selecting the file, click Open. (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Dream Contents tab.

Triggered Video

Click on "Triggered Video" if you want multiple videos triggered by the time of day. Then click Add Trigger, and this will open a dialog box asking for the file & time trigger. First click Browse to locate & select the file, then click Open. (Click Cancel or X to abort.) Then click on each field (blue highlighted text) in the time and either type in the number or use the up/down Arrows arrows to change the time for that field. Repeat for each digit in the time fields. For AM/PM, click on that field, then type "A" or "P" (without quotes), or use the up/down Arrows arrows to change between AM and PM. When done, click OK to accept. (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Add a Trigger dialog box.

Repeat what you just did for each additional file you want added to the dream. After you are done adding files, the screen should look something like this:

List of sample triggered videos.

If you want to change any of the videos or times, click on the file in the list (blue highlighted), and click Edit Trigger to re-open the "Add a Trigger" dialog to make changes. Then click OK to save or click Cancel or X to abort.

If you want to remove a video & trigger, click on the video, then click Remove Trigger and it will be removed. It will not ask if you are sure before removing it. The file is still on your hard-drive, just not included in this dream.

Author Information

Now click on the "Author Information" tab to enter details about yourself. Type in your real name or alias under "Author's Name". If you have a web site, type or paste the URL into "Author's Website". Type any "Copyright Information" into the text box, and finally type any "Other / Permissions Information" into that box.

Author Information tab.

Click on each tab and review everything, then when you are ready, click the Create Dream button at the bottom of the DreamMaker window to create the dream. You will see a message box tell you that the dream was created successfully and that DreamMaker will take you to the folder it was created in, click OK to continue.

Dream created.

A Windows Explorer type window will open with your dream listed with any other installed dreams. To apply the dream, double-click it. Click X when you want to close the window.

To close the DreamMaker program, click the Exit button or X.

Uploading a Dream

Once you create a dream that you want to share with the skinning community, you can upload it at:

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